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Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones

I gathered this information from many sources over a long period of time and find that, at least in my experience, the qualities described here ring true.

When I first began making jewelry I used a lot of Aquamarine (courage, intellect, actualization) and Aventurine (independence, leadership, creativity).

But the gemstones I continually use over time are Labradorite (the light of the Universe, intuition) and Pearl (spiritiual transformation, beauty). They speak to me more than any other. And must speak to others also, as I have difficulty keeping pieces made with these gems in stock.

Browse the list and listen: Which gemstones speak to you? Which ones describe what's going on in your life right now? Which qualities are you trying to develop or strengthen? Where is your awareness?

An interesting exercise...and maybe some insight.


Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones


Agate - tones and strengthens body and mind; imparts a sense of strength and courage; facilitates ability to discern truth and accept circumstances; grounding, yet energetic; powerful healerpromotes marital fidelity; balancing and stabilizing; awakens one's talentsAmber -  purifies body, mind and spirit; balances electromagnetics of the body and allows even flow of energies; provides a positive, soothing energy; spiritualizes the intellect

Amethyst – sober mind; protects from poison and self-deception; symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom; contentment; serenity; promotes intuitive dreams and inspired thoughts; used to open the spiritual and psychic centers; used as a meditation aid; guards against psychic attack; worn by healers as it has the power to focus energy

Ametrine - combines mental clarity and strength of will with a high sense of spiritual purpose; puts one's personal power in service to one's highest aspirations; releases blockages; enhances equilibrium

Apatite - strengthen and balance muscles; connection of earth spirits and energies;  facilitates communication between humans and nature; enhances insight, creativity and learning; sharpens the intellect; enhances psychic ability

Aquamarine – courage, intellect, protection; assists spiritual awareness, actualization; helps you get in touch with your spiritual being; used in deep meditations; protection while on water; brings peace and serenity

Aventurine – independence, leadership, creativity; balances male/female energies; aligns mental, physical, emotional and auric bodies;

Amazonite – balances energy, harmony, universal love

Bloodstone – brings change; symbol of justice; helps circulation of all energy in the body and removes energy blocks; aligns the centers of the body

Carnelian - energizes the blood; aids kidneys, liver, lungs, gallbladder and pancreas; vitalizes physical/emotional/mental bodies; attunement; regeneration; alignment; creativity; concentration

Chalcedony - promotes stability; balances the energies of the body, mind, emotions and spirit; encourages brotherhood; benevolence and good will; nurturing

Citrine – positive energy; dissipates negative energy; warmth, joy, optimism; stone of the mind; increases psychic power; attracts money; increases self esteem; opens the mind to new thoughts; promotes clarity of thought  

Copal – excellent for strengthening the abilities of the mind and altered states of consciousness; amplifies one’s energy field

Copper - influences the flow of blood; aids metabolismn; detoxifying; alignment; strong conductor of energy; combats lethargy, passivity, restlessness

Diamond – purity, perfection, abundance, inspiration; symbol of innocence and constancy; supplements the energies of other gemstones

Emerald – preserves love; symbol of hope; stone of prophecy; calms a troubled mind; brings reason and wisdom; loyalty; sensitivity; harmony; tranquility; assists memory retention and clarity

Garnet – commitment, devotion, love, stability and order; even flow of energy; successful business; popularity, self-esteem

Gold – spirituality, understanding; attunement to nature; attracts positive energy; excellent healer

Green Phantom Quartz - opens and stabilizes the heart; promotes intuition with love; integrity of relationships; transformative energies; balance; links personal will to Divine will; attracts success, prosperity and abundance

Hematite – excellent for the mind; grounding

Herkimer Diamond – awareness; attunement; clairvoyance, telepathy; good for information retention

Iolite – opens a path to your deep inner self; discover the last parts of yourself; stone of vision and creative expression; intuition; spiritual growth; balance; releases discord; awakening to inner knowledge

Jade – harmony, peace, fidelity, confidence; a wonderful dream stone; teaches acceptance; carries serene and calming energy; helps one to become less critical of self and others

Jasper – protection, awareness, insight; grounding

Kyanite – aligns all chakras; tranquility; communication; psychic awareness; excellent for meditation and dream recall

Labradorite – represents the light of the universe; extra-terrestrial energy; intuition, subconscious; illumination; alignment; spiritual connection; transformation; clarity; peace; progression; discernment; self-awareness

Moonstone – lunar, female energy; emotional, intuitive; rhythms, cycles, destiny; good fortune; enhances intuition; promotes inspiration; brings success

Obsidian – clarity; deflects negativity; offers protection and healing; a grounding stone – makes the wearer face up to responsibility; dedicated to change; metamorphosis, purification; fulfillment; introspection and inner growth

Onyx – centering; self-control, intuitive guidance; assists in the grieving process; can release negative emotions such as sorrow or grief; used to defend against negativity directed against you; fortifies self-confidence; sharpens your senses

Opal – creativity, inspiration, imagination; assists in healing; purity; health and innocence; angelic connections; used to create more positive emotions; stone of hope and great achievement

Pearl – stimulates spiritual transformation; promotes prosperity and success; calmness; beauty

Peridot – healing; protective; allows one to understand changes in one’s life; regulates life cycles; lightness and beauty; symbol of springtime; gift from Mother Nature; warmth and understanding; helps mend damaged relationships and heals hurt feelings; attracts occult powers to the user; the stone of the seer

Prehnite – green is associated with the heart; a Libra birthstone; a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer; enhances precognition and inner knowing; enables you to always be prepared; calms the environment; brings peace and protection; teaches how to be in harmony with nature and elemental forces; helpful for ‘de-cluttering’; alleviates nightmares, phobias, deep fears; for dreaming and remembering

Pyrite – shields from negative energy; stone for protection; enhances intellect and memory; symbol of the sun

Quartz Crystal – universal crystal; clarity of consciousness

Rose Quartz - aids the kidneys and circulatory systems; increases fertility; eases sexual/emotional imbalances; clears resentment, anger, fear, guilt and jealousy; attracts love

Ruby – loving, nurturing; spirituality; wealth; protection; contentment and peace; the most powerful gem in the Universe; symbol of friendship and love; vitality and royalty; harbors the spark of life; possesses the power to light up darkness; symbol of health, wealth, wisdom, passion, triumph in love

Rutilated Quartz – intensifies energy of the crystal; stimulates brain; inspiration; clairvoyance; induces mental, emotional and physical stability; helps get at the root of emotional and physical problems; improves decisiveness and strengthens will; integrates energy on many levels; sooths dark moods, offering relief from fears, phobias and anxiety

Sapphire – joy, peace, beauty, prosperity; contributes to mental clarity and perception; promotes financial rewards; symbol of heaven and joyful devotion to God

Silver – mirror to the soul; eloquence; connects physical and astral bodies; in jewelry, it provides a balanced setting that retains the qualities of the stone it holds; lunar energy; cleansing; balancing

Smoky Quartz – dissolves negativity; grounding, balancing; excellent for meditation; nature’s stone of endurance; dissolves emotional blockage; clears the mind; induces cooperation, personal pride, joy in living and attentiveness to the moment; offers protection; disperses negative patterns and vibrations; transmits a high quantity of light; enhances awareness and insight; connected to the sound of the Universe

Topaz – success, true love; individuality; creativity; joy; self-realization and confidence; quiets wild emotions; banishes bad dreams; draws love; protects against envy

Tourmaline – inspiration; understanding; self-confidence; balancing; electrical; joy for life; patience and openness; appreciation for the many wonders in life; attracts money and success in business

Turquoise – spiritual attunement; strength; grounding; protective; symbol of wealth;psychic sensitivity; connection to the spirit world; friendship; brings peace to the home; personal and meaningful; takes on the characteristics of the owner; great wisdom



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