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Earrings --- Clip or Pierced?

Many people don't or can't wear pierced earrings for a number of reasons --- allergies, grabby little toddlers, etc. I can't wear pierced because I'm allergic to metals (an unfortunate allergy for a jeweler). The frustration of trying to find really nice, cool clip earrings was a chief reason I started making my own jewelry.

I can convert almost all of my earrings to clip, or I can make you some clip earrings similar to the ones in the pictures. The clips I use are fine quality Sterlling Silver or 14k Gold filled. There is an up-charge of $15.00 per pair to replace posts or wires with the Sterling Silver or 14k Gold filled clips.



Contact Darlene Richter at 612/226-9428 or to request this conversion. 


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