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Crew-neck, turtle-neck, v-neck, cowl-neck --- there's a necklace to enhance each of these necklines --- and the neck wearing it!


Because of the differences of necklines in the tops we wear, a necklace may work beautifully with a v-neck, but will hit a scoop-neck at the wrong spot. I hate that!


So, I've made many of my necklaces with 2-3" extender chains, so you can adjust them to the best length for the best fit and comfort.


The necklaces I make aren't demure; they pretty much make a statement, either because of the mixture and/or beauty of the stones I've used, or because of the bold design of the piece.


And then, there are always pearls. Pearls done with a modern twist, or done simply and traditionally, but with a knock-out, one-of-a-kind clasp. I always go back to pearls.


Look around and see what you think. I'm sure there's something here that's just exactly what you're looking for and didn't even know it!



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