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I don't know how popular brooches/pins are today, but as an artist, they're a wonderful canvas to work on. 

More than just a flat necklace or bracelet, a brooch is close to a 3-dimensional sculpture and allows a variety of patinas, textures and negative and positive space to be used.

My goal is to make the entire piece, including the clasp and pin. I found that's trickier than I thought it would be --- I had to consider weight, security and safety; what it might be worn on; what would show through the piece, etc.

It could be bulky, but not too heavy to pull on the fabric too hard. It could be light in weight, but not flimsy. The pin had to be smooth and pointed, but not pointed to the degree that it would break the woven thread of the fabric --- only pointed enought to slide between the woven threads. 

I also wanted the piece to be designed so it could be worn in any direction --- so that there wasn't a definite 'top' or 'bottom'. However, as I worked on each piece, I found I had a definite 'up' in my mind, a direction that seemed to 'make sense' to my eye.

I photographed them in each direction, so you can choose which way 'makes sense' to your eye.

I'll continue to add to this collection. The next time around I'll design some with a loop on the back, so it can also be worn on a chain as a pendant --- double value.

Hope you enjoy these new pieces.

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