A Remnant From the Distant Past

There are so many legends and myths surrounding the wearing of birthstones. The practice of associating gemstones with certain qualities or characteristics has roots in pre-history, astrology and religion.

From Ancient Times

Ancient cultures associated certain stones with certain gods and goddesses and invoked divine protection by wearing them. 

Since pre-history, specific stones have been linked to the planets and stars associated with astrological signs. The wearing of these stones was thought to bring health, luck and good fortune.

The Old Testament speaks of Aaron's breastplate set with twelve precious stones, each representing one of the twelve tribes of the Hebrews.

Records of Earth's Creation

We must remember: these stones and gems are gifts from the Earth, and are made by forces of massive energy. They happened, through temperature, pressure and chemical elements which combined in a certain way to create their birth and growth. Rocks have a story to tell. They hold the records of the most ancient histories of Earth.

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Many Cultures --- Many Charts

There are about 15-20 different birthstone charts, from the Arabic Chart to the Zodiac Chart. Go to www.bernardine.com to see all these birthstone charts and the stones associated with them

Today, I'm writing about what is generally accepted as the Modern birthstone chart. I've created a link:


 which lists the stones for each month, along with the attributes, symbolism and meanings of each stone.

Have fun deciding if there is any relevance to your life/personality with your birthstone or a gem you're especially attracted to. Treasure your birthstone, and try to live up to the good qualities it holds.

It's August --- enjoy the winding down of Summer!

Darlene Richter